Can I do accounting without experience?

Yes, you can become an inexperienced accountant, but you will have to take some kind of training to learn the necessary skills. That's why I recommend the Accountants course, the program is designed to help people who don't know anything about accounting or running a business. Again, since an accountant does not advise organizations on financial records, no previous experience is required. Many accountants gain experience on the job while working in accounts receivable, accounts payable, or in an administrative type function.

No wonder, the way I learned accounting software was within the course I took called Bookkeeper Launch. Ben is a certified public accountant who teaches others how to become virtual accountants through his online Bookkeeper Launch course. After learning how to become an accountant and equip yourself with business knowledge, it's time to start your accounting business. With Bookkeeper Launch, you'll not only learn the technical side of accounting, but you'll also get guidance on how to start your own accounting business.

I met with mothers at school functions who were accountants or had their own accounting business. Traditional accounting firms can be rigid and inflexible, while online accountants are more used to customizing their services and approaches based on a customer's individual needs, including learning company-specific techniques and practices. Whether you want to earn extra money or create a virtual accounting business without working too many hours, accounting could be the perfect option for you. The Certified Accountant designation from the American Institute of Certified Accountants is your best option if you don't have formal accounting education.

Bookkeeper Launch equips you with comprehensive accounting and business skills so you can succeed on this career path. While there are no specific companies that routinely hire candidates for accounting, almost any company that adapts to the distance will, at some point, need an accountant. Alternatively, you can take the Uniform Accountant Certification Exam online to obtain a Certified Public Accountant License. Some accountants choose to obtain optional credentials, such as the designation of certified public accountant (CPB).

If you want to build a strong foundation that will lead to a thriving accounting business, I highly recommend Bookkeeper Launch and its free discovery series. The thing is that every business needs an accountant at some point, but not every company needs a full-time accountant.

Thelma Sardi
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