Is accounting a dying profession?

The level of accounting automation continues to grow. Accounting and bookkeeping systems are becoming more intelligent. While digitalization and modern information technology will continue to transform the accounting profession, at this time, we cannot say that accounting is an endangered profession. There is a huge market for accountants who can explain numbers and add value.

Just categorizing transactions is not what accounting is becoming. Basically, we're becoming more like a virtual controller. Accounting is not a dying profession. I have heard in various leadership forums that accounting is a dying profession.

Almost every organization has an accounting department to maintain and close books in a timely manner. It is also a known fact that the accounting function is always considered an overload. To put it bluntly, it's kind of a necessary evil. Since Intuit launched Quicken, its first product, 36 years ago, the end of accounting as a profession has been inevitable.

When I started my career, it was common to find accounting firms with many accountants on their staff, who offered accounting as a key (and cost-effective) service to their clients.

Thelma Sardi
Thelma Sardi

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