Can i start an accounting business without experience?

Even if you have no previous experience, you can start a successful accounting business. However, you must want to help business owners organize their finances and have good computer skills. An accountant is different from an accountant. Accounting is an entry-level job and generally does not require a degree or certification.

You can start carrying books without any formal education or even without experience. The good news is that learning how to start an accounting business is not difficult. Follow these steps to get your accounting business up and running in no time. Many customers will look to your website to find out about you and your experience.

If you are specifically running an all-virtual business, a website is very important, as it can demonstrate to customers your skills. And fortunately, there are plenty of website builders to make creating your website a breeze. If you want to build a strong foundation that will lead to a thriving accounting business, I highly recommend Bookkeeper Launch and its free discovery series. As a professional coach who specializes in remote work, I have had several clients who have started successful accounting careers without any previous accounting experience.

No wonder, the way I learned accounting software was within the course I took called Bookkeeper Launch. While there are no specific companies that routinely hire candidates for accounting, almost any company that adapts to the distance will, at some point, need an accountant. Kelly explained that “the traditional view of accountants is the nerd with the green visor, but I sincerely believe that for a great and sought-after accountant, the most important trait is an outgoing personality.

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